Aug 22, 2008

U can't turn back time......

If u r reading this ...... You will know who you are??

i know i aint a perfect fren... n in ur definition ... one is only ur most noble fren when they agree to everything u say n want... if not... they end up as traitors...

i know u play save by being nice to both sides..
but when others do it is wrong even if they are not involved at all in a specific problem..
n i know how d game goes...
but im not playing any game or am i ever goin to acknowledge d game u choose to play.....

i know u want everything the way it was...... BUT ITS NOT....
we have said n done too much to the friendship we created that we our selves caused its ending....
when u had a chance to say it all u chose to write in as a 3rd person... n when u were suppose to be the one who listens you chose to blame it all on a 3rd person who is your fren....
n now... its too long its too late.....

dun compare situations to be d same... relationships or friendships....
everyone's situations n problems are different...
dun try to make another's wrong right to make urs look fine...

frenz will last when the frenships are honest & true...


Aug 6, 2008


by: westlife

Even though you're near me
I need you far away
To be an ocean
To build another way

I'll be broken
And I know it
But I just can't seem to find
Another way

Though you want to
Though you try to
You can't stop the rain
For the first time
It's not you
Who can heal me

I need some distance
To find another road
It's not so easy
Sorrow, such a heavy load

I'll be broken
And I show it
But I'm gonna have to live
Without you here

Though you want to
Though you try to
You can't stop the rain
For the first time
It's not you
Who can heal me

Poets say
As time's a case
A broken souls were mend
But you would come around again
So my sorrow's gonna end

But it's not you...
Heal me...
But it's not you...
Heal me...

Though you want to (though you want to)
Though you try to (thought you try to)
You can't stop the rain
For the first time
It's not you
Who can heal me

Though you want to (though you want to)
Though you try to (thought you try to)
You can't stop the rain
For the first time
It's not you
Who can heal me
Heal me

Jul 4, 2008

Weeping Willow Tree....

Weeping willow tree
Creeping d nights winds
Touches follows d leads
Of life’s left seeds
Touch me tenderly
I hear you lil baby
Calling thy the mommy
Carry me back 2 eternity
Happiness seems so lengthy

Past still haunts d heart dats lonely
But gladly u hold me closely
While im under d weeping willow tree
Still searchin our destiny
Hearing seems too fade clearly
Sight of angles ends d darkness and misery
Weeping willow tree I know you’ll carry me
Strong and loving u gave me life as charity
Weeping willow tree
creeping d nights winds
I promise you honesty
Love despite misery


© Copyright Dasha - 2008 . All Rights Reserved.

May 16, 2008

Leaving and The Left

Left but still,
To watch you leave,
Alike sharp edges of a knife tearing into my soul,
Drops a bloody tear on the graveyards soil,

To watch you leave
Alike knocking on a door opening to a wall,

Alike ocean deep of speculations nothing assured to recall.

To watch you leave

Alike waking up alone in the mornings never to see the sun
left are the moments of  small pieces of a past.

To watch you leave

Alike knowing there's no slightest little chance of a return,
just choosing to believe it what the answer is known already.

To watch you leave
Alike The trust in ur eyes that has faded, 

Your  love to me has been invaded.

To watch you leave

Alike knowing I've lost a part of my heart.
A sanctuary. A self. A throne.

Alike the assurance to be known to be left alone.


© Copyright Dasha - 2008 . All Rights Reserved.

Apr 29, 2008

To ma Untrue Friend.......


Untrue Friend 

And here’s something thoughtful for you from me,

Never again will I allow this
How could you treat a friend the way you did?
No more of your crap of taking advantage of their kindness
And the lies you created and mean remarks you make for your own pathetic greatness,

I'm done with your games and childish words,
Ur eyes cant lie as well as your lips can cheat,
If you were right; why are you acting and explaining like the one who wronged?

Im strong and I will never have to defend myself from a being like you,
Cant you see, your cruelness and fake in this world and a dying wannabe?

No more of ur stupid excuses and tries,
No more of ur lies and deception,
No more of YOU in our lives,

Your meaness outweighs the happiness and trust ur friends have for you,
Just go, like u said reality hits hard,
Let me ask you, whos true fren are you at their heart?
Like i said, NONE!

And so my words are a double edged sword,
For so long we wished you would change,
Yes you did, to become someone you can never be,
Someone who don't have all you claim to have or see,

But you decided from the start,
That friendship was only a one way street,
Dont tell me no shit,
That you care for a bit,
Cause when i was there alone you were never a fren in need!

Taking without giving
Breakin without mending
Backstabbing without regreting,
No sorrow for my heartache
No kindness in adversity

Im done
N I'm NOT sorry to say,
In our eyes you've changed
Lower than anythin astray
And will always be an UNTRUE FRIEND everyday...

© Copyright Dasha - 2008 . All Rights Reserved.

Apr 12, 2008

You can run but you CAN'T HIDE!!!

You stole from us all hence my wish for you...

may you burn in hell.....

the least you can do now is come clean... btw i wont be surprised if you don't cause that's how low you have been all along...

May you sleep in peace at night...


Mar 7, 2008

Calling Out...

left to flow away,


shattered in a simple sway,
Around and around,
The lost soul,
Lost so too long;
Begging to come back,

The voice unheard,
In the depths of her flooding fears.

Calling for another,
Someone who would rather,
Lose himself and not her,
To see her for her;
and not for others.

It's killing her,
from inside out;
her silent voice screaming in horror,
Hands reaching for him in terror.

He stood there, At her fading soul he stared,
Without guilt or pain feelings he bared.

She faded away,
He left her there, she's l ost from her way,
Not a word he would convey,

Let her be dead and decay.

© Copyright Dasha - 2007 . All Rights Reserved.

Mar 1, 2008



Finish it all ……… That is if u come back.!!

All your promises.
I’ve never asked or expected anything.
I gave it my all.
I know you will never return.
I know it all now. 

Thank you for now. 

Most sincerely,