Nov 23, 2007

Saturday Midnight Show.....

Vowed you'll love me so,
Promised you'll let me know,
Your heart said to never let go,
Yet you left before you bid hello;

I screamed a silent don't go,
You left; the reason why you didn't know,
Swear that night you killed a hope,
Shadows of a heart again could never glow;

Goodbye before you bid hello,
Begged; your love that I will follow,
Alone, the boat of life I can't row,
Away I heard love saying No....

Like the sky hiding behind the clouds when it rains,
It rained the dark the moon was not to shine,
Questioned why I should suffer this painful crime,
Blamed myself as feelings turned as sour as lime.

Bloody river tears, my ripped heart it flows,
Trust is the last thing I should show,
Assured in life together we would grow,
For now its broken glasses you left for me to swallow.

Left the miracle that once glowed,
Its too late now to say hello,
This pain remains as if I didn't let go,
Dark night remembered as the death of a black crow.


© Copyright Dasha - 2007 . All Rights Reserved.

Nov 17, 2007

A random reason.......

Life speculates the truth-fullness of fate,

the experience n the gracefulness of GOD,

the bond of family and the extends of friendship,

and d eternity of love with no exception for who falls in it.


Life & Lord to me : 

It is about me, about you, about them n also at times about us.......

about everyone created... about everything stated n how any of this had started......

We question GOD/HIS/HER existence,with the assumption of the existence itself is a lie, 

Some preach, some never speaks, some just to fulfill greedy needs,


We separate, spread and reinterpret GOD in just different ways and practices... Religion as I may call it.

WE always find a reason for everything, to live, to speak, to sleep, to eat.

But to believe, all you need is a will to live and a heart to love.


Me N Me BlOg

HEHEHEH!!!! And this is it!! my window of thinking I might be able to post what i scribble on and off one random papers i find somewhere, anywhere.

p/s: Ain't good in writing, so bare with me aites!