May 16, 2008

Leaving and The Left

Left but still,
To watch you leave,
Alike sharp edges of a knife tearing into my soul,
Drops a bloody tear on the graveyards soil,

To watch you leave
Alike knocking on a door opening to a wall,

Alike ocean deep of speculations nothing assured to recall.

To watch you leave

Alike waking up alone in the mornings never to see the sun
left are the moments of  small pieces of a past.

To watch you leave

Alike knowing there's no slightest little chance of a return,
just choosing to believe it what the answer is known already.

To watch you leave
Alike The trust in ur eyes that has faded, 

Your  love to me has been invaded.

To watch you leave

Alike knowing I've lost a part of my heart.
A sanctuary. A self. A throne.

Alike the assurance to be known to be left alone.


© Copyright Dasha - 2008 . All Rights Reserved.