Apr 29, 2008

To ma Untrue Friend.......


Untrue Friend 

And here’s something thoughtful for you from me,

Never again will I allow this
How could you treat a friend the way you did?
No more of your crap of taking advantage of their kindness
And the lies you created and mean remarks you make for your own pathetic greatness,

I'm done with your games and childish words,
Ur eyes cant lie as well as your lips can cheat,
If you were right; why are you acting and explaining like the one who wronged?

Im strong and I will never have to defend myself from a being like you,
Cant you see, your cruelness and fake in this world and a dying wannabe?

No more of ur stupid excuses and tries,
No more of ur lies and deception,
No more of YOU in our lives,

Your meaness outweighs the happiness and trust ur friends have for you,
Just go, like u said reality hits hard,
Let me ask you, whos true fren are you at their heart?
Like i said, NONE!

And so my words are a double edged sword,
For so long we wished you would change,
Yes you did, to become someone you can never be,
Someone who don't have all you claim to have or see,

But you decided from the start,
That friendship was only a one way street,
Dont tell me no shit,
That you care for a bit,
Cause when i was there alone you were never a fren in need!

Taking without giving
Breakin without mending
Backstabbing without regreting,
No sorrow for my heartache
No kindness in adversity

Im done
N I'm NOT sorry to say,
In our eyes you've changed
Lower than anythin astray
And will always be an UNTRUE FRIEND everyday...

© Copyright Dasha - 2008 . All Rights Reserved.

Apr 12, 2008

You can run but you CAN'T HIDE!!!

You stole from us all hence my wish for you...

may you burn in hell.....

the least you can do now is come clean... btw i wont be surprised if you don't cause that's how low you have been all along...

May you sleep in peace at night...