May 17, 2009

~ Your Deadly Lullaby ~

~ Your Deadly Lullaby ~

May the angels leave your sight;
As the demons haunt your nights,
May your smiles fade the falling heights;
As darkness shall fall upon life your horrible fright,

May truth prevail the liar u are never a
You're worse than the God sent dark blight;

May all your wishes and dreams never shall
be bright,
You're a sickly plague caused by u a deadly mite,

May hell fall upon you as you die alive in the grave so tight,
I swear you will cry your living for you will lo
ose its good sight;

May the sin u shone on me be an end to all my plights;
You shall suffer the worst death without guidance of angels in white,

My justice will be replied cause God is my wit
ness of all might;
Only then I’ll ease that everything now is finally all right.
~SHA~ Rest In Pain

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