Jun 1, 2010

Somehow Its all the same ....

It never mattered what people say
I know they know everything
Yet i never believed them

It never felt like it was wrong
But i knew somehow today you were lying
Yet I never believed me

I adored your dreams and stood by you
I caused you burden but never disgraced you
Not a day of your lifestyle I doubted you

I never thought that I'd feel this again
Cheated betrayed for the feeling still the same
Worse than ever thought you were not like the other

The words you uttered sounded like from above
You told me everything and convinced me you were loyal
Believing was my arrogance and seeing was my blindness

Trust you gave was to fade the lies
All you've said today seems to deny
You say i was the only but another you fancy

Now love's pain has gone somewhere
Yet I'm still hanging there
Bleeding with tears heart ripped so bare

Ill stick through it since i have changed
Questioning if my hearts confined
The present and past Ill leave behind

The future decided Ill never return
Hope or see, touch or feel
What you did to me, simple yet final